©2018 by Alex Vallon. 

He wasn’t ready.

At a college in North Carolina, a sleep study is being conducted which hypothesizes that we’ve seen every person we dream. When the results are analyzed, the researchers discover that one of the volunteers has dreamt about the Head of the Chinese CIA and she’s never left the United States.

Coerced into his clandestine job, Max is sent to Chapel Hill to participate in the PTSD study being conducted by his target. His mission is to discover if the beautiful doctoral candidate is a Chinese operative and what state secrets she might already have stolen an behalf of the Chinese. 

His search for the truth leads him through the academic halls of the University of North Carolina to the glittering ballrooms of New York City. But as the body count rises, Max grows desperate find the operative and stop American soldiers from being slaughtered, before the Chinese operatives find him.